A Vibrant Inspiration


I love the monsoon! Everything about it is so vibrant. The pitter patter rain drops, the breezy wind, the colorful umbrellas, the petrichor, the multi- color rainbow…everything is so beautiful & admirable. I know a lot of people in Mumbai curse these rains but I always pity why cant they see the good side of it.  Here is a painting inspired by the India monsoon 🙂

I cant hold myself from reiterating the famous quote ” Some people get wet in rains while others feel the rain” 

Mad over Donuts!!!!! :p

Mad over Donuts!!!!! :p

I am sure you too must have gorged on donuts on 28th June – ‘World Donut day’. I too did- here is the proof!!

So although I haven’t made these donuts myself, I couldn’t resist sharing this tempting photograph :p Here is a Yummy virtual Donut treat for you!!

Basilica di San Marco

Basilica di San Marco

The SLR magic at St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

The basilica is quite ornate and the colours are mesmerizing!Historians note that whenever Venetian vessels returned from the Orient, they brought something for the basilica, be it a frieze, column, or something else from an ancient building elsewhere in the world.

Saint Mark’s Basilica is a monument made unique by both its wealth of history and the magnificence of its façade and interior. In essence, it is a splendid workshop, where, through the centuries, worked great Italian and European artists.
Its distinguishing Byzantine character appears particularly on the great mosaics illustrating St. Marco’s tales, as well as the scenes of the Old and New Testament.

Simple is elegant..

Simple is elegant..

Here is a new simple yet elegant piece of abstract art.
It looks simple but getting the right texture has been really challenging. I have pasted images of the painting against red background to give a feel of how it would look on a RED wall :)). Honestly the painting is pretty simple but the red wall enhances its look.

“Sometimes people around you can get the best out of you”