About Me

Hello, my name is Richa Nagare.

I love to relish the small pleasures in life, be it walking bare feet on grass, blowing soap bubbles, smelling earth after first showers, bursting bubble wraps or watching colors coalesce on palette. I must already sound eccentric, but that’s me!! About me, in NO specific order: A day dreamer, amateur artist, decent cook, not a bad dancer, naive photographer ( I know – Jack of all :p), ambitious, real, imperfect. New to this world of blogging, I want to use this space to share what I love the most.

1. Painting: I love painting, it reflects my mood, state of mind & I find it the best mode to express myself.

2.Photography : I have always loved facing the camera. But now, I love being behind the camera as well. I am still a novice photographer but I hope you see improvement with every post of mine.

3. Food:  Everything that looks good sells well. When it comes to food, I always ensure it should look good, in culinary words – it should be well garnished. So a few dishes of mine which ( may or may not have) turned well, but certainly looked good are here for you to virtually relish.

Thank you for dropping by. Please feel free to COMMENT, PRESS or  LIKE

I would love to know what people think of my work.


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