Celestial bliss!

Celestial bliss!

If you are wondering where on earth is this place located? Let me tell you its India! If you are planning on taking some time off and experience something celestial, this is the place. Away from the noise & traffic of city, the calm & serene waters of this lake, the soothing greenery and the ripple of water will transport you to a different universe. Believe me the view is breathtaking!! Its not just the lake, but the journey towards the lake which is also a spectacular one!
Now the most important question which you are waiting to be answered- where is this place??
That’s Tansa lake on Mumbai Nasik Highway, near Atgaon village. I would want all of you to visit this place once but I am afraid that this untouched place will soon turn into a tourist spot & lose its charm. So visit it & experience the celestial bliss but please maintain it for others to experience the same bliss.

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